Bringing your group to Crystal Cave is easy and provides a unique educational experience that will last a lifetime. Our group coordinators will work closely with you, both before and during your visit, to make sure that your field trip is a success.

Over a million and a half years ago, Mother Nature began the slow process of forming one of the most unique classrooms deep in the Earth - Crystal Cave. See the excitement as your group learn about caves and the importance of the underground environment to our everyday lives.

In Cave Program

Cave Tour

We will embark on a tour underground through the winding passages of an actual cave. Tours are lead by an experienced cave guide who will explain how caves are formed, how they are explored and the relationship between caves and our drinking water. Your group will see real cave formations including stalactites and stalagmites. The program covers the origin of the bedrock surrounding Crystal Cave. And what visit would be complete without learning about our special friends, the bats. Students will come away with a new appreciation for Wisconsin's only flying mammal, one that can eat up to 600 bugs an hour! Finally the tour guide will show students Crystal Cave's rare collection of fluorescent and phosphorescent rocks (glows under black light), including the cave walls themselves! Cave tours last one hour for each group of 20 individuals*

  • Tour designed for all ages
  • Experience an actual cave environment
  • See “live” speleothems
  • Learn about the importance of bats

*Note: Max 20 people (teachers and students) per Cave tour. Tours may enter the cave every 10 minutes. If you have questions regarding the timing, please call us for more information.

Cave Environment

With the temperature at comfortable 50F (10C), students will understand why prehistoric man used caves for shelter during times of cold weather and to cool off during hot weather. Our cave is also dry no matter what the weather is doing up on the surface. Crystal Cave is a natural geological wonder, as such, stairs that must be traversed during the tour and the tour path is gravel. Contact us, in advance, for accommodation information.

Cave View

Hands-On Lab:
Gem Panning at Prospector's Creek

Each participant can pan for their own collection of gems and minerals at Prospector Creek! A Crystal Cave staff member teaches participant to prospect at our water sluice and tells them about the gems they discover. This led activity takes about 10-15 minutes and is fun and educational for all ages! Each prospector receives one bag of ore mix to pan and one identification card to take home with their gems. We will gladly hold your group's gems until your departure home, so there is no need to carry them through the cave or during other activities on site.

Educational Gift Shop

The majority of groups plan time to shop in our gift shop. Our gift shop includes a wide selection of rocks and fossils from around the world. For kids we have unique educational items within the budget of children of all ages. For adults we offer clothing, jewelry and museum-grade rock and fossil specimens

Sinkhole Nature Trail (30 minutes)

Hike the wooded Nature Trail and see sinkholes, learn about local trees and enjoy the quiet of the woods. The trail is self guided and use of the Nature Trail is included free with all programs.

Picnic Grounds & Covered Shelter

Our shaded picnic grounds and covered shelter are available for your use. They are a great place for students to eat box lunches. Use of the outdoor shelter is no charge, but must be reserved in advance.

Rockin' Geology Excursion - Specialty Program

(3 hr / 20 people max )

The Rockin' Geology Excursion is the perfect program for groups in search of both an exciting adventure and an educational experience. This program satisfies many of the requirements for Webelos, but is fun and exciting for non-scouts groups as well.

The three-hour Excursion offers an exciting hands-on class to all participants. We will learn how to identify rocks like experienced geologists, discover where different types of rocks are found throughout the region, determine how and why rocks play an important role in the world today, and experience first-hand what animals were alive in Wisconsin and Minnesota about 450-500 million years ago. Participants will also feel what it's like to be a paleontologist as they create their own plaster fossil to take home with them. During the Rockin' Geology Excursion, we will also be taking a journey through our unique, breathtaking gorge to experience and learn about karst topography and the rock that forms Crystal Cave as we explore sections of the Park that are off limits to the general public. The Rockin' Geology Excursion also includes a private tour of Crystal Cave and panning at Prospector's Creek, of course!

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